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The Simple Joys

The Simple Joys

by Christine Diamond

Some may say life is tough, and you should just get used to suffering.

I simply decided to wake up and declare, "Today's going to be a great day!"

Some may say that I have a "broken" family.

I simply realize that I have no control over other people, nor do I want that. I am grateful for the beautiful child I have from the marriage that once was.

Some may say that I should fear going into public because I might get sick.

I simply realize that life is fragile and I may as well enjoy the beauty around me, so my little girl and I frolicked through the #livingplanetaquarium and just watched the fishies swim.

Some may say that being a parent isn't worth it because it's too hard.

I simply say that anything worth anything requires an energetic exchange. I am grateful for this bundle of light in my life, even on days when she's one flaming hot fire.

Some may say it's time to give up.

I simply say life is an adventure with it's ups, downs, twists and turns and I'm here for the ride.

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