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Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter

By Christine Diamond

I am an individual biped animal.

I have one brain, two arms, one heart, two legs, one head, two eyes, one nose, two ears.

Somehow with no claws, or razer sharp teeth, or poisonous venom, I can be one of the most ferocious beasts on this planet.

I am a shape shifter.

I can breathe underwater with artificial lungs. A tank of air strapped on my back.

I can fly in the sky with a myriad of different "wings", parachutes, kites, balloons, and planes.

I can fight like a wild cat, clawing with daggers of iron. Swords, spears, blades of all kinds.

I can summit any mountain like a mountain goat. I can adapt my tools to kick and poke my way up a frozen waterfall.

I can climb any tree with the best of the monkeys. Strapping myself with protective gear to ensure I don't fall... Fall...

Yet with all of this power, and my ability to adapt and shift. To take any shape I need to in order to survive, thrive and soar. Somehow I still feel small.

I can shape into something others want me to be, or I can shift myself into who I want to be.

I am a shape shifter.

I have a dynamic brain that adapts to the ever evolving environment around me.

I have arms that hold myself and others in a warm inviting embrace.

I have a heart that loves courageously.

I have legs that hold me upright and support me.

I have eyes that witness the beauty and grace of the souls that populate this planet.

I have a nose that smells the fragrances of harmony, sustenance and connection.

I have ears that hear the cry of pain, the song of hope, and the strength of humanity.

I am a shape shifter.

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