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By Christine Diamond

I look at a flat shard of glass.

The image that reflects back at me

Moves with every move I make.

Is it really me?

I see two blue orbs

A boxy nose in the center

And two cream colored lips.

They hide secrets from me

I used to pick apart my face,

One blemish at a time.

The tension in my heart

Found its way through my hand,

Let loose through my fingertips,

Where my nails would claw away

At the tender wounds on my skin.

I realize now that there was inner turmoil bubbling out from inside.

I stopped.


Each day I rewrote the menacing thoughts that ricocheted within me,

And allowed them to be seen.

They began to flow out of me.

A small drip, turned into a flood.

I cried, and cried and cried.

Until I began to love myself again.

Thank you, my reflection.

I look at you now with clear eyes.

This renewal is a process I will go through over and over again.

As my self love grows stronger

Looking in the mirror becomes


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