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Letting Go

Letting Go

By Christine Diamond

A girl reaches for something to fill her heart.

Empty hands touch her and fade away.

Those sent to love her forget what they have.

 She releases it all...


*Hands unclench*

A young woman seeks to find herself.

Young men touch her heart then pull away.

Those who say they love her forget what love is.

She releases it all...

A woman full of life.

People come and go.

All touch her tender heart.

Those who really know her,

hope she reaches her dreams.

She embraces it all.


The more I learn to love, the more I learn to let go. It's strange, you'd think that the more capacity you have to love, the more attached you could become. But I have learned the opposite. I have a healthy detachment in my attachment. I love in the moment, and yet I know it's a passing moment. So I cherish the moment and savor it for later. This is the life of a tender heart a sensitive soul.

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