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Forever Curious

*Outside the small home a simple scene unfolds*

A little maple seed twirls this way and that as it falls to the ground.

The tree sways in the wind, slightly stretching in the fall afternoon.

What do trees feel?

Is a seed aware of its potential?

*Inside the small home a routine day continues*

A little baby wiggles her swishy string-like fingers and stares at the air in front of her face.

The father stands up and stretches as he walks to the kitchen to get her a new bottle.

How does this father feel about his child?

Is the baby aware of anything except for what is in front of its sparkly green eyes?

*It leaves me to wonder*

There is a space of “sonder” that rests like a blanket upon my heart as I ponder the contradictions, complexities and the simplicity of life. John Koenig’s invented the word Sonder which means ‘the profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one's own, which they are constantly living despite one's personal lack of awareness of it.’

Some days I am just a passing shadow in a car driving past another person I may never meet. I may be walking by a woman at the store who in five years from now will become a dear friend.

I can also read all the books I could possibly get my hands on, and not apply any of the lessons. Completely transfixed by the next insight, principle, theory, or fantasy world to get lost in.

The conclusion often surprises me and doesn’t at the same time.

I am here. I am experiencing a linear timeline. There is no possible way for me to learn everything there is to know. I have an infinite amount of options and choices.

With this said, I conclude that life is a process of discovery; an unfolding. I am here to choose what part I want to play. I choose to be authentically me. I choose to play with life.

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