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Fall. I fall in love with my existence...

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The Fall.

by Christine Diamond

Change in season attracts a magical air.

We witness the natural world around us drastically shift into something new.

After pretending to be a witch (WitchFest) I walked down the dark city streets passing cackling women and skipping kiddies then noticed I was passing a cemetery.

For some unknown reason, I have had an adverse relationship with cemeteries. I would say, "Oh it's just I'd rather hear the stories about the person's life" Then in my head clarify "rather than sit where their dead bodies rests."

Instead of continuing that narrative I decided to sit down by a large tree and rest with the departed. I watched the tree leaves sway and rustle as the full speckled moon peaked through the gnarled branches.

I pondered life. What if I died tomorrow? Would anyone remember my story? Does that even matter?

I admired the joyful experiences of this Autumn; the light coming through the yellow trees, or the laughter of my daughter as we splashed in the cool crisp mountain stream.

Then I realized why I adore the changing seasons. It helps me realize that time is passing, that growth and decay are both beautiful pieces to our existence.

Fall. I fall in love with my existence and the wonderous experience it is to be alive.

When I die, I will know I truly lived.

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