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Becoming Myself Again

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Becoming Myself Again

By Christine Diamond

I've been taught to do.

To follow that ferocious taskmaster who cracks her whip anytime I slow down to think and feel.

I've been taught to produce.

To make things happen, to hustle, to perform like a monkey on a tightrope worried about when I will fall, unable to balance everything at once.

Instead, I woke up.

I realize now that I am not a human doing, I am a human being.

As a human being, I am allowed to simply be.

I fired the taskmaster. And replaced her with the peacekeeper. I am allowed to slow down and think, feel, create.

As I have been becoming the woman I desire to be, I have let go of the need to produce so that others approve of me. Instead, I create from my pure imagination, from my desire to inspire.

I am unshackling the chains that kept my soul bound. I free myself from myself.

I was the one in my own way.

Now as I am becoming more of who I am meant to be, I rise reinvented, reclaimed, renewed.

This version of Christine is just as true as the others who have brought me here. I am on my soul's journey allowing myself to express and experience. While doing so I invite others to do the same.

What does it look like to live a life true to yourself, and completely liberated?

I am on the quest to discover just that.


This last weekend I spent a few days at a cabin in Bear lake. Really listening to my desires. Really listening. Tuning in to what it is. I want to become, attract, experience, and how I want my life to be.

It was an incredible experience and I will do it again and again. Highly recommend it.

So incredibly grateful for @dianagbeck

For inviting me and putting it together. It's a true blessing to have friends like her and Rachel, my mind and soul is now expanded. I have so much hope.

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