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A Delightful Day at the Farm

A Delightful Day at the Farm

Christine Diamond

Anyone remember with the old adage, "Many hands make work light"?

Well, I've found that to be true, in SO many ways.

Is there something that you've been craving to have in your life?

Is there a dream you desire to become a reality?

Well, if so, you really don't have to go it alone. Find your people. I am pretty sure I just found mine.

My dream - A homestead. To me that means a 3-5 acre lot with a cottage style house, a barn, fruit trees, veggie garden, goats, chickens and bees.

While at @vintagelilyfarms this afternoon I got to live vicariously through Jen as she lives the dream, with hard work and projects galore. It was great to get my hands dirty and help raise this greenhouse from dirt to frames. Now all it needs is the tarp and she can grow more produce in the winter months.

Jen provided a warm meal for our hard work. She welcomed us into her home and we chatted with her mom while we ate the delicious homemade potato soup and fresh baked rolls with butter. My mouth is watering right now remembering the fluffy pillow of a roll in my mouth. Mmm, so cozy. We even left with a fresh half gallon glass of cows milk and creamy yogurt. I’m a happy camper.

To me, this is what it’s all about. I like to know that my hard work pays off. It’s so gratifying to see the before and after. I’ll be going back to the farm again and again to learn and grow from those who are living the dream. I know that it has its ups and downs, yet I still crave to till my own land and connect with mother Earth on the daily.

P.S. Thank you @mariemichellediamond for always believing in my plethora of BIG dreams and coming to the farm in your Kylo Ren/Witch outfit (I will always say you are absolutely the coolest.)

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